Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer of a broad range of equipment that is focused on delivering reliable, customer-driven solutions for many applications, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utility and manufacturing industries. Terex reports in five business segments:
Aerial Work Platforms;ConstructionCranesMaterial Handling & Port Solutions; and Materials Processing.


RTX Trench Rammer


Engine kW (hp): 16.4 (22)

Easy to operate and maintain with
unrivalled strength and reliability.
Terex site dumpers provide
increased uptime at a reduced cost

Max Payload (kg): 1,000
Heaped Capacity (ltr): 577
Wheelbase (mm): 1440
Unladen Weight (kg): 1310


RTX Trench Rammer


Engine kW (hp): 62.5 (84)

Power Swivel machines allow the
load to be rotated through
90 degrees to each side of the
machine and 
This makes these versatile
machines the 
ideal choice for back
filling trenches and working 
within a
confined site area.

Max Payload (kg): 5,000
Heaped Capacity (ltr): 2910
Wheelbase (mm): 2450
Unladen Weight (kg): 4,000


RTX Trench Rammer

TA6 POWER TIP              

Engine kW (hp): 62.5 (84)

Terex Power Tip site dumpers are
designed with one thing in mind
to move as much bulk material as 

speedily, safely and economically
as possible

Max Payload (kg): 6,000
Heaped Capacity (ltr): 3780
Wheelbase (mm): 2450
Unladen Weight (kg): 4,110


RTX Trench Rammer

MBR71 ROLLER              

Engine kW (hp): 5.5 (7.4)

Walk behind roller

Static Linear Load(kg): 7.2
Drum Width (mm): 710
Drum Diameter (mm): 575
Weight (kg): 500


RTX Trench Rammer

TV800 ROLLER                

Engine kW (hp): 16.5 (22)

The Terex® range of pedestrian and
tandem vibrating ride-on rollers
have been designed to work in
demanding conditions whilst still
providing a smooth and powerful

Static Linear Load(kg): 8.7
Drum Width (mm): 800
Drum Diameter (mm): 550
Weight (kg): 1,572


RTX Trench Rammer

TV1200 ROLLER              

Engine kW (hp): 24.5 (33)

Arguably some of the toughest
rollers in the world, the Terex range
of Compact Tandem Rollers are 

designed for the rigorous demands
of the Plant industry.

Static Linear Load(kg): 12.18
Drum Width (mm): 1200
Drum Diameter (mm): 700
Weight (kg): 2,925




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